About Us

Toronto’s first pot positive joint, The Hotbox is a place where stoners can come and relax with a bit of wacky tobbaccy. We believe in the normalization of cannabis, come out of the grow closet and chill with us!

Hot Box is located in the back of Roach-O-Rama, Kensington Market’s prime head shop. Enjoy our Potio on a sunny day or our Arizer vapor lounge on a cloudy day. Our boardgames, videogames and vaporizers are free to use and we have a pool table at $1 per game.

19+, BYOPot (no dealing, no asking, no mooching)
$5 Cover


Our backyard potio seats 40 happy stoners.
Surrounded by ivy and trees, the Hot Box potio a great way to pass sunny days with budz.

Vapor Lounge

The Hotbox vapor lounge uses the Arizer V-Tower. An amazing, Canadian made vaporizer, pick between the whip or the bag and enjoy one of the best vape experiences around.

Available for free use on every table here at The Hotbox.

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